About The Book


"Comprehensive and resourceful. It will become the most used cookbook in your kitchen."
—Tracey Wendt,
owner of Good Things For All Seasons in downtown Grapevine, TX

"Momma Hensel's cooking is truly the biggest gift your taste buds will ever receive! My childhood was filled with the familiar yet phenomenal dishes from Patty's kitchen. From parties to family dinners, she was our go-to place to fill our bellies. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about her toffee. You owe it to yourself to utilize these recipes."
—Callie Seifried,
life-time family friend

"I have known Patty Hensel for over twenty years. We started out as neighbors and have become good friends over the years. Not only is Patty a good wife and mother, she is one of the best cooks I have ever met . . . And I come from a very large extended Italian family where food is one of the main reasons for living!
Whether cooking for a school event for the kids, or dining out with our gourmet group, I always look forward to indulging in Patty's cuisine. It doesn't get much better than when Patty calls us up after their family has just finished dinner, and asks us if we would like to have some of the 'extra' food that she has prepared.
My favorite dishes are her Lasagna and anything Tex-Mex. But her piéce de résistance is her home-made "crab chowder!" It is absolutely the best that I have ever tasted anywhere . . . hands down! So, I want to wish Patty a well-deserved congratulations on the publishing of new her cookbook. Her sharing of her delicious recipes with everyone else is long overdue.
Buon Appetito!"
—Larry Compo,
long-time friend and neighbor
Colleyville, TX

"One wonderful book with all the recipes a girl needs from her 'Momma Hensel' to start her home as a woman. Every girl needs this book in her kitchen!"
—Yasmeen Khedery,
life-time family friend



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